Elvis is in the House!

That is Elvis our adopted Elf on a Shelf. He arrived last year and it has been great finding him every morning after he has reported into Santa.  Here are pictures of his recent places.

He decided to hang out by the kids papers

Checking out what we've been up to this year.

Chilling in my stocking. The kids are convinced this means Santa won't bring me anything.

Joining the Nutcracker Army

Peeking through the kitchen opening.

Part of our Family tree

Driving Diego's Jeep

Enjoying my wooden shoe
Trying to call St. Nick. (Yes the photo is flipped, this  picture would not cooperate.) 

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Mama P said...

I love elf on a shelf! It makes me want to do Santa just so we can do elf on a shelf! I love all your photos of him...you should do a story book each year with all the places he hid!