I have been having so much fun!

Hiding Elvis the Elf for my kids to find every morning has brought me an excitement for Christmas that I had been lacking this year.  He has gotten in to a bit of mischief and they kids thought it was great. I figured I would show you his latest exploits. (He decided to draw all over our family pictures with a red dry erase marker, but I will not be posting those pictures.)

Looks like he's got a girlfriend.

Making sure the Carbon Monoxide detector is working.

Holding onto the fan remote. 

I guess he drinks coffee too!

Just hanging around. hehe

We had Lauren's annual review for her speech services and she has made some progress, but will still need speech therapy. She will also be getting physical therapy every other week due to some lower trunk weakness. It isn't anything serious, but I am all about being proactive. If my kids need something, I will fight until they get it. I have been having a great time watching my gorgeous, happy niece who is also recently became my Goddaughter. I was surprised and honored to be picked. The kids adore her and miss her when she is gone. I think we may need to set up a visitation schedule during the summer when her Daddy is off of his work for the summer. LOL

I wonder where Elvis will end up tonight..........

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