Cake and more cake.

So I posted on my blog the cake I made for Alex's 5th birthday party. Well, that was just for one party. We had two for him. You see when you live in a shoe as I do ( You can see what I am talking about here My shoe ) it is impossible to fit both of our families in at one time. I take that back, it can be done, but it is highly uncomfortable for most involved. So I made him a second Jack Skellington cake. The following week, Nicholas turned 8. I can't believe that he is 8, it really blows my mind. It is so true when they say kids grow up in a blink of an eye. He decided to have a friend party at the local bowling alley. He requested a Lego guy cake and I of course was happy to oblige. I am quite sick of frosting at this point as you could imagine, but it was worth it. All the kids at his party oohed and ahhed at the cake. They didn't care that it wasn't perfect or not from a fancy bakery, they all thought it was awesome he had a huge Lego guy on his cake.

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