An Open Letter of Sorts.

Dear Parents with Different Beliefs,

 I understand your need to teach your children what you believe in and I think it is a wonderful thing. I don't care if you don't teach your children about mythical beings such as Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny or whatever mythical person we enjoy. That is your choice and thankfully we live in a wonderful country where we can believe in anything we want. I don't care if you believe that a large turkey is actually what why celebrate at Easter or it is because Christ rose from the dead. All I ask is that you do not push your ideas on my children. I teach my children about these mythical beings and the reason why we as Catholics celebrate the Holidays. My children know Santa comes on Christmas with gifts just as they know the three wise men brought gifts to the newborn Christ. (Let's not get into the fact they no one really knows if December 25th is the actual day of birth.) See, those are my beliefs and I do not try to tell a that is not mine child any different then what they are taught. I am tired of my children coming home from school telling me that so and so are telling them that there is no such thing as Santa and others.  I think it is ridiculous that my four year old comes home crying from preschool because he is told meanly that there is no such thing. What should I say? I just tell them that I believe and not to listen to what others say. Perhaps we are wrong in lying to our children, but that is our choice. My parents lied to me and my brothers and I don't see that it hurt us. What is so wrong with children believing in a little bit of magic in this world? I still believe in Santa Claus or that is the spirit of St. Nicholas. Does that make me wrong? No. So please, teach your children what you believe, but also teach them that others have different beliefs. Teach them not to tell other children they are wrong just because their beliefs are different. I teach my children that not everyone is the same or has the same beliefs and that is a great thing because life would be pretty boring if that was the case.

A Mom who believes. : >)