I have two confessions.

#1 I like the Barbie movies. :~P Yep, it is true. Miss Lauren has been on a "Bahbee" movie kick and I am happy to oblige. I do not think that she will suffer from a bad body image by watching Barbie either. Hell, I have a horrible body image and I hated Barbie growing up. LOL Anyway I would rather watch Barbie on loop for 24 hours than one episode of Spongebob. I can't stand that nasal voiced yellow square!

#2 My house is not spotless. There I said it, I got it out. On any given day, there will be dirty clothes in the hamper, dishes in the sink, and toys scattered all over. The boys room is basically a mine field and chances are no matter how hard you look, you will still step on a blasted Lego. (I still strongly believe the man who invented them had a huge dislike for his Mother. LOL) My floor are not scrubbed as often as I would like and I didn't wash the outside of my windows once last year. So if you come on by unexpected expect to be created my complete chaos. LOL If you give me a warning, I will at least get the pile of folded laundry off the couch so you have somewhere to sit.

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Jen said...

With two daughters in house, Barbie movies fill my video cabinets. Love them! As far as a clean house, mine is on the market and has to be clean all of the time. It's overated. I envy your clutter. Never thought someone would tell you that?