A couple of new quilts.

I was supposed to have these quilts done by Christmas for a friend's daughters, but I just couldn't do it. My friend was understanding and told me not to worry about it. Between sickness and just crazy life I was finally able to get them done a month later. 
Pile of squares for the first quilt

Took me 7 hours JUST to rag this baby and I had 2 to do....

Rear view

squares for 2nd quilt

All done

Back folded over the front
Then I had another quilt to do for the same friend, but this time it was just for her. It came out so cute and all the different fabrics blended nicely. 

All done

Close up

Back folded over

The back. I do not do patterns on the backs because I would drive myself crazy. However this ended up having an H in it. LOL 

Just a fraction of the lint that comes off one of these blankets. 

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